Bosch CET3-10 3 Gallon 1 HP Mini Twin Angled Tank Portable Air Compressors

Bosch CET3-10 Three-Gallon, One-HP Mini Twin-Angled Tank portable air compressors are CSA certified and built to with stand the toughest conditions.  Its portable size means that it’s easy to store and can handle jobs ranging from carpentry, framing, roofing, and remodeling jobs.

While other portable air compressors may cause discomfort due to their lack of balance the Bosch CET3-10 portable air compressors come with vertically angled tanks which are ergonomically balanced and can help compensate for easier handling and maneuverability. Also, this portable air compressor is equipped with a roll cage and recessed, easy-access control panel which protect you from exposure to the regulator, gauges, coupler, and drain valve.

With the Bosch CET3-10 balanced design it adds to the ease and movement of the unit compared to many other portable air compressor models that hold the majority of their weight in the front.  Additionally, The CETS-10 compressors can boast of its Bosch EZ Drain system.  With the tanks being slightly angled to allow water to collect in the bottom and the drain system is connected to both tanks for easier disposable.  On top of that you can use existing pressure in the tanks to simultaneously drain them with a turn of the ball valve.

The Bosch CET3-10 portable air compressors sport a recessed control panel and roll cage to help protect components from damage.  This along with its safety-relief valve system prevents failures by relieving pressure when compressed air reaches a predetermined level.  This air compressor also is equipped with an air filter and dip stick so you will always know when it’s time to add oil.


Bosch CET3-10 3 portable air compressors Features

  • Vertically Angled Tanks-Enables better center of gravity for easy transport through-out the jobsite
  • EZ Drain – One ball valve drain located in control panel for simultaneous draining of both tanks.
  • Roll Cage – For maximum durability and protection from job-site conditions
  • Recessed Control Panel-All gauges, regular, couplers, safety valve and drain valve are located in easy to access location and are protected from job-site conditions.
  • Oil Lubed Pump-Extends product life for extra durability.


Portable Air Compressors Include

Weighing 57.3 pounds
Compact Size for Enhanced Portability Measuring 17.0 x 16.25 x 16.0 inches (WxHxL)
Safety-Relief Valve, Air Filter, and Dipstick for Additional Protection
Powerful and Quiet Four-Pole Induction Motor

Bosch CET3-10 3 Portable Air Compressors Product Reviews

People who bought this air compressor commented that it works well and liked the fact it has a 100% duty rating or “continuous duty” as one reviewer referred to it.   It was noted that it could run all day without the pump getting too hot.  Another factor that the reviewers of the Bosch CET3-10 portable air compressors remarked upon was its quick pump and recover y time.  It was stated that you could “still sink nails even when the compressor is recycling, which is a plus, as some compressors won’t counter sink nails until it fully recovers. “ It has been used by the reviewers with a variety of nailers including Omer, Hitachi and Craftsman but was felt that it was best utilized for finish work rather than a regular component for framing.
On the flip side, although it’s design is geared towards better balance some reviewers of this product felt that it was awkward to move around and a bit heavy.  It was said to be louder than other models listed of the same db range but still allowing you to carry on a conversation without shouting while it was running.  Due to vibration while running one reviewer noted “Also, if you are working in and old house with loose floor boards, it vibrates and can increase the noise and the unit can walk on you; so you’ll need to put it on a stable, clean surface (not on a drop cloth or dusty floor, rubberized feet need to contact solid substrate).”

The Bosch CET3-10 was consistently praised for being able to get the job done.  These portable air compressors are built to tackle many tough work environments and keep going strong.



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