Hitachi EC119SA Amp 2.5 HP 4-Gallon Twin-Stack Portable Air Compressors

The Hitachi EC119SA 15 Amp 2.5 Horsepower 4-Gallon Twin-Stack Air Compressors can boast many features including a powerful induction motor, large finned head pump and a metal cooling fan excellent for keeping the air compressor cool during use.

This 4 gallon twin stack is known for its quiet operation and dependable life span.  Equipped with over sized bearings, its oil-lubricated pump adds to the unit’s quiet technology.  Pressure stability is consistent as it includes a locking regulator and 105 on/135 off psi.

The external roll cage design is great for protecting the pump and motor from damage as these portable air compressors are put to use and the unique control panel is design for the toughest of handling.  The Hitachi EC119SA portable air compressors come with drain ball valves and a cord wrap to secure the cord for easy storage.   The air compressor is also equipped with a protected pressure switch, shock absorbing feet and manual overload protection as well as a two-handed handle for easy carrying and maneuverability.


Hitachi EC119SA  Portable Air Compressors Features

  • Quiet operation and extended life
  • Powerful 15 amp-induction motor
  • Protective roll cage design protects the pump and motor from damage


Portable Air Compressors Include

Two industrial couplers
Oil dipstick
8-ounce synthetic oil


Hitachi EC119SA portable air compressors Product Reviews

Hitachi EC119SA Portable Air Compressors had mixed reviews by people who purchased this product.  It was found by several commentators that the air compressor had difficulty starting in colder weather and could take several attempts.  Also, attention to power requirements should be noted as several people who purchased this product mentioned blowing circuit breakers within the unit itself or house breakers.  However, it did perform well in warm weather environments.   Once started it was stated that it “it works great and provides ample air”.  Reviewers of these portable air compressors put it to use doing projects ranging from filling tires, tool clean up, framing up homes and trim work.

Another point that came up frequently with purchasers was the oil levels fill requirements of the air compressor.  It’s been noted that the level must be consistent with manufactures instructions.  One reviewer of this product who had experienced issues with oil level documentation stated “After speaking with a customer service I found out the supplied oil is premeasured and ALL THE OIL SHOULD BE ADDED” It is also noted by this consumer that this air compressor should not “operate at more than 10 degrees angle” or “the oil will not get to the crank and the unit will seize”

Additionally, some reviewers of the Hitachi EC119SA portable air compressors remarked on the weight of the unit.  At 65 pounds it was heavier and more difficult to transport but that was credited to the fact that it’s made with the liberal use of metal verses plastics.

Overall, the documented experiences that were researched for this review reveal that there were several negative issues noted by consumers that outweigh the positive aspects of the unit and so the Hitachi EC119SA portable air compressors would not rate a high recommendation.








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