Senco PC1131, 2.5-Horsepower (PEAK) 4.3-Gallon Portable Air Compressors

SENCO’s PC1131 portable air compressors are a real workhorse compressor that just keeps going no matter how small or large the job.  The compressor generates 4.4CFM, so whether you’re working on finishing and trimming or the toughest framing jobs, these portable air compressors provide enough power to tackle any task.  Their oil splash design and rough induction style motor are what professional contractors have come to expect on a quality unit of this type and they won’t be disappointed.


Senco PC1131 portable air compressors Features

  • Direct Drive Motor
  • Cast Iron Sleeve / Cast Iron Head Cylinder
  • Twin Tank Configuration
  • Standard equipment includes 1/4″ universal coupler regulator, pressure gauge.
  • Delivers 4.3 cfm at 100psi


Portable Air Compressors Include

131, 4.3 Gallon Electric Oil-Splash Compressor – PC1131
1/4″ Universal Coupler
Compressor Oil


Senco PC1131 Portable Air Compressors Product Reviews

Upon reviewing the comments of people who had purchased these portable air compressors, we found the standard comments ranged in the good to very good category.  Commentators remarked that the Senco PC1131 portable air compressor was light weight and easy to use with plenty of power to manage some of the toughest or biggest jobs they encountered.  It was also noted that they felt it was a great value for the price.  It was able to be used consistently with “short run time between charging” One reviewer even stated that while working on a large project “our church roof (16,500 sq’) and this thing just keeps going supporting two nailers at the same time.” While another stated there was plenty of power to run framing guns. These types of remarks are pretty prevalent through most all the reviews we examined.  Another consumer stated “I have used the Senco with brad, stapler and finishing nail guns as well as a framing nailer to drive both 2″ and 3-1/2″ framing nails. The recycle of the tank pressure (which I set @ 110psi) easily operates any of these tools without a need to wait for the pressure to build.”


As well as the power and short charge time, the units design itself was noted as being very good by several people.  Another commentator stated that it was easy to read the primary and secondary gauges and the switch can be reached quickly without interfering with its operation while moving the hose around.  Other items such as the oil fill port were thought of to be well positioned. And although not silent, it was noted by reviewers that the compressor was relatively quiet as compressors go.


The unit comes prefilled with oil which has caused confusion as some purchasers expected the oil to be in a separate container. This and the instructions for initial set up were considered to be poor by some people who bought the air compressor.


However, other than the initial set up instructions and vague information on the unit coming prefilled with oil, the reviewers enjoyed the SENCO’s PC1131 portable air compressors and indicated that it was a good value for their money.




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Jack Winters May 29th, 2012 (#)

I like the look of this Senco air compressor. I need something that can do all types of jobs, small and large. Appreciate all the information you have here. Nice!

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