Superior Jack Hammers for your job site

When you are talking about a tough job, there is nothing harder then having to break up concrete or black top with the use of an inferior jack hammer. That is why here at Portable Air Compressorsz we strive to bring you a wide variety of  top of the line equipment for you to finish your construction project.

The Neiko 6 piece electric jack hammer, showcased here, comes with everything you should need to prepare your project site for it’s next phase. This model comes with 5 sturdy chisels, two pointed bits and two flat bits as well as a spade bit.

Besides it having all of these bit attachments you will find features such as a 360 degree swivel side handle. A heavy duty jack hammer such as this can be a necessary addition to your company’s equipment. With such technology supporting quicker completion of this stage of your project it frees your crew up to move on and keep your valuable schedule that is necessity for a job well done and finished on time.

Browse around and check these top of the line jack hammers and come back soon for your job site equipment needs.

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