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When it comes to cutting things for just the right fit, you defiantly need to have a great table saw. Here at portable air compressors we have all the top notch, great performance tools you are looking for to get the job done the first time.

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Having the ability to get the job done accurately and efficiently the first time all depends on the tools that you use. If you are looking for a portable table saw or a stationary one we have it.

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Please browse through our large assortment of tools. And make sure to hurry back soon, we loved having you here.

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How To Fix A Flat Tire With An Air Compressor


An air compressor is a great way to fix a flat tire. We all have those days when something at the last minute goes wrong and needs a quick fix, such as a flat tire. And most likely  you have a spare one on hand, but if you don’t here is a few easy steps to inflate your flat tire.

  What you will need:

     Tire chuck

     Air compressor

     Air gauge


First check your tire to see how many pounds of pressure per square inch that it holds.
Use your tire gauge to see how much air is already inside your tire, and how much needs to be added.
Attach tire chuck to the end of the air compressor hose, insert tire chuck into your tire valve and inflate.


* Things to be cautious about are making sure air is not leaking out from around the valve and tire chuck while inflating the tire. Be sure not to over inflate or under in flat tire.

A flat or depleted tired usually indicates that there is something defective with the tire itself or the tube within the tire, and should be replaced as soon as possible. Using an air compressor is a way to make a quick fix if you have no spare tire available.

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